Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plarn Equals Plastic Yarn

I just added a 'follow me' button. I never realized it didn't have one, but I guess I started this blog before blogger added that feature. That could explain why I never had any followers.

It began raining at 4 AM last night, so I was happy to have a hat to wear when I went to move my truck for the streetsweepers this morning. I want to make an official rain hat out of Plarn. I've been meaning to write a tutorial on that for a while now. Anything to keep those plastic bags out of the landfills. And plarn is free material in my world. Even with switching to tote bags when I shop I still wind up with a lot of plastic bags. And there are still baggers that put everything into plastic first, and then when I say,"Can you put it in the tote bags?", they put plastic bag, groceries and all into the tote bag.

I try to take my totes into every store, like the pet store or the gem fair. Anywhere they might otherwise give me plastic. But a lot of people still feel weird using tote bags anywhere but the grocery store.
I just keep a tote bag in my purse so I have it on hand when I need it.

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