Monday, September 14, 2009

Repost From My Crochet Blog RE: Slouch Hats

Right now I'm getting ready to make some slouch hats. Once I visualized in my mind that the shape is the same as a snood, only with a solid fabric instead of a netted one, I realized how easy it will be to make some. It's pretty much the same thing as a bag cap we wore at the Renaissance Faires. Some of the slouch cap patterns I googled up yesterday aren't really baggy at all and look just like beanies. I think they missed the point.

One pattern I read said that these 'slouch hats' would only be in style a few months so make them super big out of wool, so when the trend passes you can shrink them down and felt them to be a normal hat. Evidentally she doesn't know her hat history because this classic style has been around for centuries. When Pete Seeger wore one to the Obama Inaguration, I seriously doubt he was trying to be trendy. Ah well, that's fashionistas for you.

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