Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Knifty Knitter Hat

I lucked out and got a used set of Knifty Knitter looms at the Goodwill in Atascadero for $3.25. There were a few extras in there, but the hook you need to use the looms was not in there. So when we went to Beverly's I picked one up for about $1.50. So now I can use the looms to make some new hats. I started one in blue and yellow. Sadly when I opened the plastic carry case everything inside reeked of cigar smoke, so it will need some Fabreze and some time out in the fresh air. There was a bit of red yarn in there that I'll probably just toss and the plastic doesn't grab the fumes as much as yarn does. I didn't really need another project while I'm traveling but I just couldn't resist.

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