Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Woven Beret in Red and Gray

My hats don't always make it into my hat blog. The problem is that if it is a knit hat, I put it in my knit blog. Crochet hats go to my crochet blog. Or they go to my craft blog. Or they go to the 'Everything I Ever Made' blog. That's what happens when an item falls into multiple blog categories.

So my poor Hatitude blog has been neglected. There are only so many hours in a day. But here is my newest hat and it is WOVEN. My first woven hat ever. I'm so excited and the ladies at the knit shop were so excited too. They've never seen one either. I still have some ends to weave in but here are some 'work in progress' photos. I wish it wasn't so hot here. I'd really like to wear a hat every day.

Trying on the hat.

Right after removing the cardboard from the hat.

I'm glad I finally found a good use for this red yarn.

I love the rings of color. I have one ready to go in autumn shades and another in black and white.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Knifty Knitter Hat

I lucked out and got a used set of Knifty Knitter looms at the Goodwill in Atascadero for $3.25. There were a few extras in there, but the hook you need to use the looms was not in there. So when we went to Beverly's I picked one up for about $1.50. So now I can use the looms to make some new hats. I started one in blue and yellow. Sadly when I opened the plastic carry case everything inside reeked of cigar smoke, so it will need some Fabreze and some time out in the fresh air. There was a bit of red yarn in there that I'll probably just toss and the plastic doesn't grab the fumes as much as yarn does. I didn't really need another project while I'm traveling but I just couldn't resist.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Yellow Baby Hat

©Fayme Harper 2013

I finished the baby hat I designed for my granddaughter. I think I'll carry it in my suitcase, and not risk getting it lost in the mail.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Hat With Nubbins

Last night I started knitting a little yellow hat for my granddaughter Maggie. I didn't want it to get lost in all the other unfinished projects, so I set a goal to finish it today and I did. It's made on four double pointed needles. Figuring out the little nubbins took some doing but I like the way it came out. I wish my granddaughter was here to try it on, or I wish I had a doll to put it on so I could show you how it looks on a head. I still have to weave in the loose ends and take photos of what it looks like when its done, but I've run out of daytime.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crocheted Jester Hat

I've been working on a new hat. This one will have 3 tubes to put my hair through. It will be an avante guarde jester hat. I think it will go great with my juggling show. So far the colors are dark and light purple, gray, and sapphire blue.  I added some ribbon yarn to it tonight to give it a bit more pizazz.

Today I bought 12' of black plastic chain. I had the clerk cut it in half. I'm going to hang a 6' length from 2 corners of my new craft canopy, and using utility clips, hang my knitting and crocheted hats and plushies from it. It eliminates the need to have them on tables, because there is only so much table space you can fit inside a booth. My hats have never sold well, and I think it's because I haven't had a good way to display them, so maybe this will do the trick.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Crochet Hat With Tubes For Braids

I can't remember when I started this hat, but when I found it on my dresser it was about 90% done.  So I finished it up and listed it on Etsy and Yardsellr.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Knitted Long Tailed Hat

It's a rainy day and what better way to spend it than knitting a new hat. It has a liripipe on it and I started it on the train last week.It's multicolored, but mostly green and earth tones. I'm making it on double pointed needles. My hands were aching so I only working on it about an hour.