Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Woven Beret in Red and Gray

My hats don't always make it into my hat blog. The problem is that if it is a knit hat, I put it in my knit blog. Crochet hats go to my crochet blog. Or they go to my craft blog. Or they go to the 'Everything I Ever Made' blog. That's what happens when an item falls into multiple blog categories.

So my poor Hatitude blog has been neglected. There are only so many hours in a day. But here is my newest hat and it is WOVEN. My first woven hat ever. I'm so excited and the ladies at the knit shop were so excited too. They've never seen one either. I still have some ends to weave in but here are some 'work in progress' photos. I wish it wasn't so hot here. I'd really like to wear a hat every day.

Trying on the hat.

Right after removing the cardboard from the hat.

I'm glad I finally found a good use for this red yarn.

I love the rings of color. I have one ready to go in autumn shades and another in black and white.